Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Supernatural Convention - Rick Worthy

The last time I saw Rick Worthy on Supernatural he was chained to a chair in a prison cell being tortured and reacting as though the electric volts pulsing through his hands and feet were nothing. As the Alpha Vampire he had an imposing and intimidating presence. When Rick Worthy stepped on to the stage from behind the blue curtains he greeted his fans with a smile and relaxed, easy gait that seemed so different from his onscreen persona.

It took me a moment to associate Worthy with the Alpha Vampire in his jeans and skull-and-cross bones T-shirt. Over the weekend I was lucky enough to find out what a cool and fun guy Worthy is in person. When taking the elevator down to the cocktail party to my surprise he was in the elevator standing next to me. As soon as I launched into giddy fangirl mode Worthy lowered his voice in that rich, sexy baritone of the Alpha Vampire:

"Hello. I've been expecting you." 

I smiled while I tried not to spontaneously combust.

Worthy also made a huge effort for the fans over the weekend, showing up for the karaoke party and partying as hard as anyone (including body surfing). I also heard from a fan that he stayed up until 5 a.m. sitting on the floor with fans and chatting after the cocktail party on Saturday night.

(Q&A paraphrased as I was taking pictures rather than having a notepad out)

WORTHY: It was fun playing the Alpha Vampire. He's so cool. (Dropping into deadpan Alpha Vamp mode) "Ouch. You're hurting me. Stop."

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm him when driving.
(Deadpan) You cut me off in traffic. You might want to rethink that.

Fan: Is there a chance your character might come back?

WORTHY: Sera says they might bring the Alpha Vampire back sometime in the future.

Fan: What was it like for you playing a vampire?

WORTHY: Vampires have been done so many times before and probably will continue to be done forever. It was important to have my own take on him. For me playing a vampire was a dream come true. I've played cops and soldiers before, which is cool. My dad is a huge vampire fan and was excited when I got the part. I like real vampires, the scary and dangerous ones, not like the vampires in Twilight (acts all emo and prissy). I'd kick their metrosexual ass.

Fan: What was it like on the set of Supernatural?

WORTHY: Jared and Jensen are the two most humble, nicest people. Jensen told me "On this set there's no room for assholes." When I've been a guest star on some sets you just go and do your job and go home. On one set I was invited after we wrapped for drinks at a pub, but that is rare. It's surreal because I met Jared when he was 16 and now he's a grown man and married.

Jensen and Jared are totally believable as brothers. I'm the younger brother and when my older brother is at home alone we revert to our roles where he takes charge and I'm the younger brother.

Fan: Boxer or briefs?

WORTHY(sly smile): Neither

Fan: Your voice is incredible. Have you ever done Shakespeare? And if so, what part would you play?

WORTHY: I would love to do Hamlet. I actually did Macbeth set in modern day Somalia.

Fan: I think you should play Obama.

WORTHY: Actually I have a friend who does a better impression of Obama. He was even invited to do his impression on Saturday Night Live. Maybe I can do VampBama and invite the GOP over for "dinner."

A fan gives Worthy a bottle of wine during the Q&A Panel

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