Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Supernatural Chicago Convention - Day 1

The last time I went to a fan convention years ago was Xena: Warrior Princess back when it alive and well on the air. That was an overwhelming and fun experience for me. Now, years later I was back for another fan convention at the Salute to Supernatural in Chicago. As I waited in the line I noticed there were several Castiels (some even with wings) waiting to get their gold ticket badges. I also bumped into a Misha "minion," who was wearing a sock puppet monkey hat.

As soon as I got my lanyard and ticket I also decided to buy some additional photo ops, one with Matt Cohen and Richard Spreight Jr. in their 70s digs for the karaoke party later that evening. The other photo op I would get with Misha Collins and Mark Pelligrino for the next day. I then stood in the line leading to the vendors room. Compared to the Xena convention the vendors' room was small and slightly off to the left from the convention hall. While the vendors' room wasn't suited well for a huge influx of fans (like right before the convention started) it had a nice cozy intimate feel once the crowds thinned out.

There was a long table where you could purchase photos for the autograph signing along with more "novelty" tables. One such table had small vials of rock salt pendants and replicas of Mary's hunter bracelet. I'm always one for more unusual items and bought from a vendor who specialized in laser engraving. There was of row of laser etched glasses in Celtic patterns, a rack of shirts with devil's traps or pictures of the Impala along with a display of whiskey flasks. One flask had a Celtic design that read "So you serviced Oberon, King of the Faeries?" and "I'm a Posse Magnet" with an engraving of a pistol and sheriff's badge. I ended up buying a flask with an intricate Devil's Trap etched on the front. Once I bought it I thought, "Hey, now no demons will get in my whiskey." But then I realized the Devil's Trap would keep the demons in the whiskey. I also bought a pendant in the design of Sam and Dean's tattoo which I wore throughout the rest of the con. 

As I took my seat I was amazed by how many of my fellow con-goers traveled a vast distance to attend. Some came as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Japan. I asked one of my neighbors, Emily, how many fan cons she attended a year. She shrugged nonchalantly and said, "I'm trying to cut back this year. I'll only attend 12."

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  1. Kimberly, did you ever go back to the vendor room after that first visit?