Friday, November 4, 2011

Salute to Supernatural - Amy Gumenick

I was still groggy from going to bed at 3 a.m. after the karaoke party the night before. I could see who else stayed up as late from the bleary eyes and yawns. Some of us missed the Corin Nemec panel, myself included.

Amy Gumenick (young Mary Winchester) greeted the audience with a bright smile. She wore jeans, a gray top and a sparkly necklace. I was amazed by how petite Amy is. She also wore her beautiful blonde hair straight instead of Mary's long curls. Amy is cheerful, upbeat and sweet, the kind of person you'd love to hang out with as a best friend. Like many of the actors on Supernatural she was very cool around the fans and didn't give any airs of being an "actress" or "a star."

(Q&A Paraphrased)

Fan: Were you a fan of Supernatural before you got the part?

AMY: I actually started watching it after. It was daunting as Mary is such a well loved character. I was going for not portraying (the older) Mary. She's younger and hopeful. I tried to make her my own, which worked because they were looking for more Mary's spirit rather than a copy of what was done.

Fan: What was it like working on the set?

AMY: Everyone was so nice. This was only my fourth role so I've gotten so spoiled.When I go on to a set I think, "This is fun but it's not Supernatural."

Fan: Did you know you were auditioning for Mary?

AMY: No, I didn't. They had some other character down when I did the audition. It was only after I got the part they told me who I'd be playing.

Fan: Did you do any preparation to get into your character?

AMY: When I got back to my trailer I'd keep a journal writing out her history/backstory. I'd also twirl knives. *laughs* I miss that knife.

Fan: Who's the better kisser? Matt (Cohen) or Mitch Pileggi?

AMY: Matt of course. *laughs* He's sweet and good looking. Just look at our children! The kiss with Mitch was harder. Mitch really was like a father to me and then I had to kiss him. Poor Mitch was so nervous that day. He kept chewing gum. The only direction I got during the kissing scene was "Resist."

Sometimes it's difficult as the first scene you do with an actor is either kissing or a sex scene.

Fan: Why do you hate the Impala?

AMY: You can't put car seats in the Impala! (a fan mentioned they should do a scene where the boys are born in the Impala)

Fan: What was it like working with Julie McNiven (Anna)?

AMY: We spent a lot time together on the fight sequences and we became friends. I gave a speech at Julie's wedding. Afterward Julie's dad came up to me and said "Are you the one who tried to kill my daughter?" Well, she tried to kill me first! *laughs*

Fan: What's the auditioning process like?

AMY: Sometimes you walk into a room and see a bunch of supermodels. You think, "Well, I'm not going to get the part." but you never know. Maybe they don't want a supermodel. You never know what they're looking for so you got to try.

Fan: You've died in a lot of your previous roles.

AMY: I have. At least with Mary she starts out dead so I can never die. *laughs*

Fan: I loved the awkward family road trip scene.

AMY: What I remember most about filming that was Jared on the phone talking to Genevieve and giving her instructions on how to pop his dog's anal glands.

Fan: How'd you get into acting?

AMY: When I was a girl I wanted to play Roxie Hart. I told my parents I was going to play her which is probably horrifying for a parent to hear their little girl say. *laughs* I did play her when I got older.

Fan: What song would you sing at karaoke?

AMY: Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

Fan: Who would you take with you to a desert island?

AMY: My family and friends. It's not as exciting as say Brad Pitt, but everyone knows something (cooking, etc.) and would be useful on a desert island.

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