Friday, February 10, 2012

"Supernatural" Review - Dean is the baby daddy in 'Slice Girls'

In Supernatural's latest episode "The Slice Girls," Dean Winchester finally is the baby daddy; the bad thing is the baby happens to be a monster. Dean Winchester's dreams of having a family comes with a cruel twist when his one-night fling produces a baby daughter - in one day. It turns out Dean's latest hookup is a descendant of the legendary Amazon warriors who were turned into monsters by their patron goddess, Harmonia.

While Dean is dealing with monster-daughter family issues, Sam Winchester investigates a string of murders where married men have similar one-night stands. Once Sam discovers that Dean is in danger of becoming the next victim, it becomes a race to save Dean's life before he meets a bloody end.

Perhaps the coolest twist in "The Slice Girls" is the story arc of Dean's daughter, Emma, who seems to fight her destiny of becoming a murderous monster. Emma (Alexia Fast) shows up at Dean's door, pleading for help in escaping the Amazons and her fate. Alexia Fast does an excellent job in the role of conflicted Emma who is both desperate and angry at her father.

Dean must decide if Emma is telling him the truth or if he has to kill his own daughter. At that point Sam shows up and takes the awful choice out of Dean's hands by killing Emma in a similar fashion Dean killed Sam's girlfriend-turned-monster in The Girl Next Door.

"The Slice Girls" is an interesting episode and stand alone from the Leviathan arc Supernatural has been taking in its 7th season. The episode seems rushed, cramming in a lot of exposition on the Amazons, their evil goddess Harmonia and why the Amazon descendants continue to mate with, then kill, the fathers of their offspring. The direction is heavy handed and very jarring with the hard cuts and extreme closeups when Dean is picking up his date-from-hell in the Cobalt Room.

While it seems cruel to see Dean's only flesh-and-blood daughter killed, Dean seems oddly unaffected despite his heart-to-heart chat with Sam afterward. Sam, likewise, appears even colder with his "I know she was your daughter, but she also was a monster" speech.

This week's episode Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie appears to be a funny episode and perhaps a welcome departure from the heaviness of the current season. At Plucky's, Sam Winchester will confront his worst fear yet - clowns.
Supernatural airs at 8 p.m. CST this Friday, Feb. 10 on the CW.

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