Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pearl foolishness

While in Las Vegas I visited The Pearl Factory several times mostly in the obsessive quest to finding even a better pearl than the last one. It was gambling with mollusks instead of slot machines. At least I always got a payout.
I ended up with some nice pearls - one of which was a gorgeous 8mm gold pearl which I ended up getting set in a pretty swirly setting. But this left me with a problem. At the end of the trip I had to set 3 loose pearls I cracked open. I also learned that unless you want to pay overprice for a setting at Pearl Factory just set it yourself for a few bucks.
The settings I got off of ebay. The last pic is a ring setting in 10k one lady sold to me for $35 because the original pearl has fallen off of it. I think the results turned out nicely. ;)

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