Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Supernatural" Dean Winchester time travels ... again

Dean Winchester has time traveled a lot in his life. He's traveled to the past to meet his parents in "The Song Remains the Same" and transported to 2014 in "The End."

In the latest Supernatural episode, "Time After Time After Time," Dean Winchester hitches a ride inadvertently with Chronos, the god of time, back to 1944. There Dean finds Eliot Ness who (surprise, surprise) happens to be a hunter. Ness also is hunting Chronos because of the god's nasty little habit of draining the life from people in order to time travel.

The episode harkens back to the old pre-apocalyptic Supernatural days when the Winchester boys were focused on killing the monster of the week rather than saving the world. Dean teams up with Ness in a monster hunt as they track down Chronos and discover the murderous god has settled down with a "dame" and kills people to return to 1944 to be with her.

It would be romantic if Chronos didn't leave a trail of mummified bodies behind him.

Perhaps the strongest point of this time-travel episode is that Sam Winchester isn't excluded from the story. Most time travel episodes relied heavily on Dean while Sam, stuck in the present, would disappear for the bulk of the episode. "Time after time" manages to cleverly work Sam into the story with Dean relaying a message from the past via a letter tucked inside a wall of an old house. Because of the letter, Sam is able to bring Chronos back to the present at just the right moment when Chronos is trying to strangle Dean.

"Time after time" remains one of the stronger episodes of Season 7 with solid acting, a good story and of course plenty of eye candy. Who can resist watching the always gorgeous Dean in a sharp dress coat sporting a tommy gun?


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