Monday, October 17, 2011

Groupon's odd deals

Every morning since I got the Groupon app I check for any deals I might be remotely interested in. Generally I take a pass on the 20 free cupcakes I can get from a bakery (my waist line) or firing up the kiln for a blow glass class (what would I use this skill for?) Today I found a couple of interesting "deals."

Wax your body with chocolate!

This spa will wax you with chocolate, or perhaps it's a chocolate smelling wax? Regardless, will you feel any better as you get the overwhelming urge to munch on your legs while the tantalizing aroma of chocolate wafts around you?

Make your own Clay Beads!

Creating jewelry is fun and creative. Creating your own beads for a necklace sounds cool until you look at the beads. They're clay, which means they'll weigh a ton. They're chunky (okay, some people like chunky) and come in only solid colors (not cool tie dye streaks or faux marble). They also remind me of the plastic beads kids push around on wire toys you find at the doctor's office for some reason.

Kiddie photos

Another photography studio is offering discounts on getting your precious one photographed. Do they guarantee, however, your kid will look as happy as in the sample photo below?

(This is not my kid!)

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