Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Salute to Supernatural - Chad Lindberg

Chad Lindberg shines in the spotlight. It's obvious from the moment he steps out on stage he loves the audience and entertaining the fans. There are similarities between Chad and his onscreen persona of Ash.

They are both Dr. Badass.

Before the panel the fan video "Bringing Sexy Back" played on the huge megascreen. The cheering audience was near deafening as Chad came out from behind the curtain. Around his neck was a dogtag pendant given to him by a fan during a private meet-and-greet. The dogtag read "We Want Ash Back." While Chad sported a Ghostbusters baseball cap, what he didn't have was the famous Ash mullet.

(Q & A Paraphrased)

Fan:  So how did you get the role of Ash?

CHAD: When it came my time to audition I ripped off my shirt (makes a big dramatic gesture of yanking an imaginary shirt off). I think there's something about me, a quirkiness, that makes people think I fit into that world.

Fan: What other character would you play if not Ash?

CHAD: I'd only want to play Ash. (fans cheer) I make the mullet sexy. I wanted to reinvent the mullet. I'm like Ash but not computer savvy.

Fan: What weapon would you use in the zombie apocalypse?

CHAD: Oh lightsaber! Definitely! (makes lightsaber sounds and motions like he's holding one)

Fan: Where did you get that Ghostbuster's hat?

CHAD: I got it at ComiCon. I was geeking out there.

Fan: If you played a superhero, who would it be?

CHAD: Batman. As Superman the mullet would be flying around and look stupid. I'd like to play SuperAsh.

Fan: Ever thought of growing your hair out into a mullet?

CHAD: No. (laughs) I don't know how you (referring to women) do it. Hair on your neck itches.

Fan: What was it like working with Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle)?

CHAD: Fun. (laughs) Couldn't pull a lot with her. She's such a spitfire.

Fan: Tell us about the shotgunning the beer in "Dark Side of the Moon."

CHAD: I actually have never done shotgun before. Jensen had to teach me (launches into Jensen's deeper voice and pose) "See, Chad. This is how you do it."

It took me five takes. The beer was running down my neck and into my mullet. Jensen and Jared were laughing as the beer poured everywhere.

Fan: What was the most memorable scene with Jared and Jensen?

CHAD: When I appeared "naked" opening the door. I had to wear a flesh-colored thong. Jared and Jensen were laughing in between takes.

Fan: I hear you watch Ghost Adventures and can you big step like in Ghost Adventures?

CHAD: I do watch it. I hope there's a crossover one day with Ghost Adventures and Supernatural. (Chad tries to big step and when the fan complains he invites her up on the stage and they big step together)

 Fan: Do you believe in ghosts?

CHAD: I do. I've had too many experiences not to. One time my buddies and I were out on the road and we saw this woman in a black evening gown. Being guys we had to look. This is where it got strange. She was picking up something on the side of the road and we couldn't see her face. We tried to get a look at her face but she put her hand up so we couldn't see it. When we went back to see if she was still there she was gone. Normally when it's one person seeing a ghost I'm skeptical but we all saw her.

Fan: What would your Heaven be like?

CHAD: It would include my family and friends, the ones that went before me ... and a Michael Jackson concert ... and flying dinosaurs because you don't see that here.

Fan: Why are your fingernails painted?

CHAD: I think hands are boring. I like something to look at during cons. (shows black nail-polished fingernails)

Fan: What was it like doing the rape scene in "I Spit on Your Grave"?

CHAD: As an actor I like the challenge and sometimes going into that darker area. The movie was a remake of the original "I Spit on Your Grave" which was notorious because of that scene. In between takes I'd (makes retching motion) then I'd go back and we'd do the scene again. At the end of the movie my character dies and you sorta feel sorry for him. My characters die a lot. I'm a good die-er.

Fan: Do you like older women?

CHAD (does a double take and pauses): I love my girlfriend. That's my final answer.

Fan: If you had an elephant in the room where would you hide it?

CHAD: What sort of question is that?! Where would you hide an elephant? Maybe (whistles and hikes his jeans).

Fan: What's your favorite fictional character?

CHAD: ET ... that is a fictional character, right?

Fan: What's your favorite Star Wars character?

CHAD: Han Solo.

Fan: If the characters in Supernatural would be an animal, what would it be?

CHAD: Sam is a moose. Dean is a tiger and Ash is a black panther.

Fan: Do you have any tattoos?

CHAD: I do (pulls up T-shirt sleeve on right bicep). I have a Chinese symbol for "Courage" although I was told later it doesn't mean that. Probably it spells "Dipshit" but I'm okay with that. I also got a breast cancer ribbon (reveals right forearm, the symbol is a black X with a long black line horizonal across the top of the X). All my siblings got it after my mom beat breast cancer. I like it because it looks more tribal and not the usual ribbon.

Fan: What's your favorite drink?

CHAD: Tequila. We'll do shots at karaoke tonight.

Fan: Was Dr. Badass your idea?

CHAD: No. (laughs) It was Kripke's.

Fan: What would Ash sing to himself alone as he dances around the room?

CHAD: "Bringing Sexy Back" or (at an audience member's suggestion) Lady Gaga.

(Chad slouches back in the chair on the stage. A big voice like God booms "CHAD, THIS IS YOUR FATHER. IT'S TIME TO GO."

CHAD (throwing his head back and screams): NOOOOOOOOO!!!!


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