Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet Namara

Namara is a ragdoll kitten I adopted when she was only 13 weeks old. She was shy at first. When I brought her home she immediately curled up in a ball behind my shoes and was very frightened. After a few days with a lot of treats and cuddling she realized things weren't so bad. After four days of being in a "safe room" she wanted to get out and explore. When she first met Stella, my tuxedo cat, there was plenty of hissing and swatting. In less than a week, however, she also charmed her way into Stella's heart and became her adopted kitten as well.

So is a ragdoll cat that much different from a domestic cat?

She likes to play fetch and will follow you from room to room to the point of almost tripping you. She will cuddle on occassion but doesn't like being held nor does she go limp as the breed usually is famed for (hence the ragdoll name). But she is sweet as she is mischievous. Often she tries to eat things she has no business trying to consume, such as packing foam (today), a ball of yarn (last month) or a spider she found in the bathtub (one week ago).

When we first brought her home

Here she is helping me ship off a package

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