Thursday, January 26, 2012

SyFy's "Face Off" sink or swim

The second episode of SyFy's special effects show Face Off got a small face lift from its awkward, blundering pilot episode with "Underwater Amalgations." Not only did the artists have to create an underwater sea creature, but their makeup job had to withstand being submerged in an underwater tank.

Internal team bickering intensified with Beki and Miranda spending more time yelling at each other than working on their sea dragon. Nix and Jerry agreed to not collaborate on their sea turtle, with Jerry working strictly the prosthetics while Nix focussed on the paint job with disastrous results.

The tank challenge proved the sink-or-swim moment. The sea dragon creations seemed to fare the best with Tara and Matt's sexy sea dragon lady looking both gorgeous and dangerous with her long swaying headpiece, pronounced scales and shimmering iridescent fabric. Despite Beki and Miranda's infighting, their sea dragon creation was beautiful with a clean paint job and fabric that swayed gracefully in the water.

Athena and Heather's lionfish benefited from Athena's awesome paint job skills featuring hundreds of swirling brown and beige stripes and Heather's fish face mask with moveable mouth. Nix and Jerry's creation proved the worst with the prosthetic turtle shell flying off the model's back in the water, the paint bleeding into the tank and the model panicking while submerged.

Perhaps the most hilarious creation was Ian and RJ's "shark lawyer," a zebra-shark creation wearing a three-piece suit. Sadly the suit flopped and flailed in the water and the shark was lost in a sea of pin-striped suit.
The winning team was Matt and Tara for the cool iridescent sexy sea dragon lady with Matt given special kudos for prosthetics.

The Jerry "curse" (that anyone paired up with Jerry loses) remained in effect as Nix was voted off the island for his substandard makeup on the sea turtle.

Face Off airs at 9 p.m. CST Wednesday on SyFy.

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