Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Face Off" creates Night Terrors

The fourth episode of the Face Off series, "Night Terrors" begins with a cell phone ringing at 3 a.m. Brea answers it and a creepy voice orders her to get dressed and wake the others. They have 15 minutes to get ready and be out the door.

The contestants are brought to a creepy abandoned hospital where McKenzie Westmore shows a list of phobias painted on to the hospital wall. Each contestant is to choose one of the phobias. Some of the fears are so obscure and bizarre it's impossible to discern what they are until the meaning is revealed to the contestants.

After the contestants pick their phobia, they have 15 minutes to go to a secluded place at the hospital armed only with a flashlight and a pad of paper. They are to sketch their design of the horror villain they were to create based on the phobia.

While Beki has an instant vision of her creature, Parasitophobia (fear of parasites), Tara struggles in developing a concept Ommetophobia (fear of eyes). Jerry flounders with his creation for Electrophobia, first with wasting time trying to get the blinking lights to work, then recasting a mask that proves to be too mushy to use in the final makeup.

Hadephobia (fear of Hell) - While Sue's concept was very cool, the final creature moved in too many directions with the skull-helmet, a demon mask, braids, a few swipes of paint across the chest and a skirt.

Parasitophobia (fear of parasites) - Beki's strong vision and quick work created an impressive woman infested by parasites and a parasite-creature unto herself. The multiple lamprey-like teeth and the chest piece with protruding worms was embellished with a beautiful irridescent paint job.

Ondontophobia (fear of teeth) - Never-do-right Ian finally struck the nail the head with his tooth fairy demon. Nasty teeth protruded everywhere, embedded in the skin and the face. The slimy hands and wrinkly torso (created by plastic wrap) impressed the judges and made Ian's tooth demon very creepy.

Merinophobia (fear of being bound) - Athena created a backstory that her horror villain was raped as a child and now she strangles men who want to "play with her." The rope-wrapped hooker was a bit freaky, but the paint job was poor, especially on the swollen, bruised side of the woman's face. Athena also lost points on the ribcage and poor use of anatomy.

Cryophobia (fear of frost) - Rayce created a frost ghoul that had a face of gnarled, cracked ice. While the creation was cool, Rayce lost points on the edges popping up and revealing skin at the neck. The frost ghoul also needed sparkle or the glisten of ice.

Xerophobia (fear of razors) - Matt went with the stale theme of a mad doctor with Freddy Krueger razor glove and an odd pair of goggle eyes. Matt finished the look with a big saw blade on the right arm and a bloodied smock. Been there, seen that in many horror movies. Next.

Electrophobia (fear of electricty) - Jerry's cockiness was almost his downfall (again) when he decided he didn't like the pink in the original mask and decided to recast it to a fleshtone color. The new mask was too gooey and Jerry ended up using the pink mask anyway. His paint job was slopped together, the mask looked unrealistic and the mad doctor had no burns from the electricity. Boring and a very Halloween-like creation.

Chemophobia (fear of chemicals) - Brea also went into this challenge cocky and her chemical-burn victim creature suffered for it. The face turned into a bloody, pustule mess with chipmunk cheeks and teeth poking out in the wrong areas. It looked more like a burn victim than a villain.

Ornithophobia (fear of birds) - Heather created an odd creature wearing a bird skull with a couple of feathery friends poking their beaks out from his abdomen. The feathers across the back were kind of cool, but the bird props were cheesy and silly-looking.

Ommetophobia (fear of eyes) - While Tara had difficulty creating her creature, she developed an idea of an Egyptian goddess on the second day. Her creation also benefited from lopping off the half of the mask-like face. Overall a cool piece that Tara admits would have been better if she had a clearer direction earlier.

Xerophobia (fear of dryness) - Matt's creation with the teeth pulling back from the dried out face was a cool effect. This sort of creature, however, has appeared in dozens of previous horror movies such as Hellraiser. The creature also would have benefited from protruding ribs, dried-out, brittle skin and emaciated hands.

The winner - Ian for his brilliantly creepy tooth demon
The loser - Brea for her mushy chemical-burn victim.

Next week "A Dangerous Beauty" will air at 9 p.m. CST Wednesday on the SyFy channel
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