Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Salute to Supernatural - Karaoke Party

The Karaoke Party stands out as one of the best experiences in the entire convention and certainly the most fun. The karaoke delivers what fan conventions should be about: Having fun and interacting with the guest stars, not waiting in long lines, paying tons of money for rushed photo ops or barely speaking a word to the actors before being herded off.

The karaoke party still was talked about the rest of the weekend because the actors of Supernatural get what a convention is all about: It's for the fans.

I knew I was in for something very different when most of the expensive "Gold" seating was cleared away to make room for a dance floor where anyone, regardless of how much they paid for a ticket, could get up close and party with the actors.

The karaoke party started late due to Matt Cohen's delayed flight. Some fans stood anxiously outside the still-closed theater at 10:30 p.m., checking for Matt's Twitter updates and wondering if he'd make the karaoke at all. By 11 p.m. the doors officially opened and Matt was there in his leather fringed vest, plaid pants and the first-ever Dick and Matt's karaoke commemorative T-shirt.

Jared Padalecki was seen briefly, wearing a black sock cap over his hair. Jared joked with Matt and Richard before disappearing behind the curtain for the night. Chad Lindberg wore a long blond wig and began to rock the house as he played air guitar. It didn't take long before Sebastian Roche (Bathalazar) broke Creation's cardinal rule of "No body surfing" and started the night-long trend of not only body surfing but face down.

Sebastian got the rest of the stars to body surf, including Rick Worthy (clearly the heaviest from the amount of struggling fan girls needed to keep him from the floor) and Mark Pelligrino. Matt made several jokes about the groping, including making an exaggerated motion of zipping his pants back up after a body surf. Richard Spreight Jr. commented on all the "bad touching" he got during his body surf.

Matt replied, "What happens in karaoke stays at karaoke!"

The karaoke included many songs featured on Supernatural, "Carry on Wayward Son," "Wheel in the Sky" and "Back in Black." Some were fun songs meant to wind the crowd up such as, "Jump," "Love Shack" and "Dirty Deeds" sung by Guy Bee.

A fan brought a package of fake mustaches for the actors to wear, which became a running joke for the night. Many of the mustaches kept falling off, so Richard wore two mustaches as eyebrows while Sebastian wore one on his forehead and then plastered the extra mustaches obscenely on Richard's karaoke poster. Richard commented on that later: "You wish you had mustaches on your crotch!"

There was some confusion with the karaoke photo ops as originally it was scheduled for 11 p.m., but since the karaoke started so late, Matt and Richard started the photo ops at 12:30 a.m. For photo ops, several fans came dressed up, some with bell bottom pants and psychedelic blouses. One fan gave Matt rainbow peace-sign sunglasses, which he wore for the rest of the night. I wore a flowery tunic, jeans, wrapped my pearl headband around my head and clipped some silk flowers to the side. When I came up for my photo op Richard said, "Look at you! Nice!"

After photo ops, many fans left for bed (Corin Nemec was going to speak at 9:30 a.m. next morning), which meant the party really got going. The remaining fans crowded near the stage, jumping, dancing and singing.
Matt, Richard and Chad took iPhones and cameras offered by fans and shot live videos on stage or during a body surf. Perhaps the most hilarious part of the night was when Richard called for "Mark" to come up on stage. No one from the audience responded, then Mark Pelligino came out on stage and sang "Big Balls."

You know you got a great party when the Devil shows up.

Karaoke wrapped up around 2:30 a.m. Many of the fans didn't want it to end.

I was one of them.

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