Thursday, November 17, 2011

Salute to Supernatural - Cocktail Party

Saturday already was a full day. There were the panels for Corin Nemec, Amy Gumenick, Matt Cohen and Richard Spreight Jr. along with the Misha Collins panel followed by the autographs. We had just enough time to have dinner and get changed for the cocktail party. One unexpected treat was on the way down in the elevator Rick Worthy was right behind me. When one of my friends pointed this out, I went into full fangirl mode and Rick launched into sexy Alpha Vamp voice. I later was able to dance with him with several fans at the cocktail party.

Unlike the breakfast the next morning, the cocktail party had no assigned seating so if you lined up early to get into the banquet room you got the best table. As the evening went on this was less of an issue as the guest stars didn't remain on the stage but went around the room visiting our tables to chat with us for a few minutes before they were tapped on the shoulder by Creation employees to keep moving. Like the karaoke party, I found the cocktail party very satisfying and worth the price of the gold ticket. It gave the fans a chance to interact with the actors in an informal and fun setting.

Before the actors made their appearance, there also was a centerpiece contest and some of the lengths some fans went to decorating their tables was amazing. Perhaps the most impressive was a tablecloth replica of the seance table Pamela used in "Lazarus Rising." On the same table was a replica of John's hunter journal with painstaking research and drawings of monsters and how to kill them.

Next to the table I was at - adjacent to the right of the stage - was a small model of the Impala, a toy moose, a couple of rubber duckies and several toy soldiers. Misha Collins enjoyed going to that table where he subsequently started doing dirty things with the soldiers.

Some fans were disappointed with the cocktail party compared to past conventions because there was no dessert and you had to pay for the drinks at the hefty price $4 for a soda and $8 for a beer. This wasn't a big deal for me as I mostly enjoyed chatting with the actors and having that personal time. If I wanted a drink and dessert I'd go to the bar down the street.

After the actors were announced and went to the stage, Creation allowed 3 minutes for you come up with your camera and take all the pictures you wanted before you were asked to put away your camera for the rest of the event. I enjoyed this one snapshot where it appears Amy is lecturing Matt. I was okay with the no pictures policy as it allowed the actors to enjoy their time at the party along with the fans without the pressure of taking pictures or getting photo ops.

Matt Cohen was the first one to visit our table. My first thought was, "Wow he's gorgeous!" followed by "Look at the muscles on that guy."

I asked Matt if he'd like the ability the archangel Michael had to make people forget just by touching their forehead.

"I'd love that ability. Especially if a cop pulled me over for speeding," Matt replied.

One of the fans asked him what his was secret to looking so good.

"Not enough sleep, starve yourself and work out," he said smiling.

After he moved on to the next table, the fans there subsequently ruined his diet by feeding Matt cupcakes.

Amy Gumenick was all smiles when she came to our table. I asked her about her very sparkly necklace and she told me her sister made it and showed me she could take it apart and create a choker out of it.

I freaked out a little when Mark Pelligrino visited us. I thought, "OMG Lucifer is sitting with us!" But quickly this thought disappeared as Mark is such a relaxed, down-to-earth person and just a real pleasure to talk to.

Sebastian had a glass of scotch when he sat with us and started to dance with several fans. He also hugged fans throughout the night, including one that was almost too shy to ask for one.

I asked Misha Collins what his plans were for world domination.

"Are you on Twitter," Collins asked.

When I replied "No." He said "You're lost. There's no hope for you."

Around 1 a.m. the rounds finished up and the DJ cranked up the music. Sebastian and Rick got out on to the dance floor and most of the fans joined them. Later I heard from a fan that stayed up after the cocktail party that Mark Pelligrino and Rick Worthy stayed to chat with the fans. I heard from one fan (who stayed up the whole night) Rick was on the floor chatting until 5 a.m.

Overall it was a fun night with wonderful actors who really care about their fans. You guys (and gal) are awesome!

Salt and burn baby!
(one of the table centerpieces)


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