Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Face Off" down to final contestants in 'Dinoplasty'

SyFy's "Face Off" contestants faced a double elimination in the episode 'Dinoplasty' (2.9) on March 7. This is the second to the last episode for the makeup and special effects series. The remaining five, Sue, RJ, Matt, Ian and Rayce, were taken to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History to look at dinosaur skeletons. Their challenge was to create a convincing human-dinosaur hybrid. Tensions ran high with the double elimination looming over everyone.

Sue (Tianyulong dinosaur) based her creation on a colorful, punk rock looking dinosaur that embodied "girl power." She went with a bold paint job, mohawk hair and a skateboard prop. Clearly the most playful and out of the box creation of the night.

RJ (Velocoraptor) went for a play on the dinosaur's name and created a dino that was a rapper, complete with dinosaur-themed gold bling. RJ stressed the judges wouldn't like the concept and that he'd be sent home on his birthday.

Matt (Carnotaurus) went for big and aimed too high. Matt went with the idea of a dinosaur god, complete with breast plate of a dinosaur skeleton attacking a human skeleton. The dinosaur-head shoulder piece was a bit odd. Vee thought the face looked more like a demon or exoskeleton rather than a dino.

Ian (Triceratops) had the most impressive head with a full triceratops head sculpt, horns and beak that looked shiny instead of the dull matte of Sue's creation. The costume was lacking as a few tattered rags hung from his model. Glenn thought Ian should have put a body sculpt beneath the rags to make the model more barrel-chested.

Rayce (Corythosaurus) created in impressive head that was built up around the eyes. Rayce also incorporated the sloped features of his dinosaur down the head, including the hump and flow into the tail. The judges really loved the profile of the creature and Vee even was won over by the striped blue paint job.

The winners:
  • Rayce
  • Ian
  • RJ
Going home:
Matt and Amy
The judges had difficulty deciding on the winner as all the creations were strong and for the most part beautifully executed. Next week's "Face Off" will decide the winner for the series.

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