Friday, February 10, 2012

SyFy "Face Off" with 'A Dangerous Beauty'

SyFy's Face Off's fifth episode, "A Dangerous Beauty," opens with Sue mourning Brea's recent departure last week while RJ tells Beki he feels his father is watching over him from heaven. The first Face Off challenge comes quickly with the contestants being led out to a nature preserve where their models are awaiting them. The challenge is to create makeup inflicted by a werewolf attack. Sam Huntington, who plays a werewolf on SyFy's Being Human, is the guest judge.

The winner: Beki for the depth of wounds and the ample use of gore.
The contestants are then led back to the studio where they are shown different animals and plants. The next challenge is to incorporate a dangerous animal with a beautiful plant for a creation both gorgeous but deadly. The whole scenario is a bit gimmicky with wolves and a leopard wrangler while a white rhino is revealed in the next room after a dramatic pause for commercial break.

Most of "A Dangerous Beauty" shows not one team steering blind, but several as they struggle with the limit of time and inconsistent direction. Beki's immunity proves a point of contention as Sue wants to add texture to their spider creation while Beki wants to go for a sleek costumed look. In perhaps the poorest decision-making and most unstunning creations yet in Face Off, the winner of "A Dangerous Beauty" wasn't chosen so much for outstanding design as the other creatures proved much worse.

Heather and Rayce - Water Monitor Lizard / Firestick creature. While the judges were impressed by the detailed lizard face and the rock star flaming firestick "hair," the toga pants were a flop.

RJ and Ian - Chameleon / Orchid lady slipper monster. While an odd choice, this was strongest creation in the group. The judges were impressed with the incorporation of both orchid and the lizard elements. The team also benefited from a strong presenation as the model opened his petals and revealed a deadly sharp-toothed lizard monster.

Beki and Sue - Spider / Bird of Paradise monster. The judges were shocked at how awful the creation turned out, which was further tainted by Beki blaming Sue for adding texture to the spider and "ruining" their creation. Even with Beki's added immunity, it seemed a cruel move to throw Sue to the lions. Beki may be one of the best, but you don't want her on your team.

Athena and Tara - Tree boa constrictor / Stargazer lily creature. The judges noticed the stenciled spray paint on the model. The lily and snake elements didn't blend well between the green scales and red flower parts. The underwear that showed through the paint was shockingly bad.

Jerry and Matt - Leopard / Yellow iris. Their final creation looked like a cat lady wearing a tan bikini. She also was sporting some funky cat head shoulder armor that looked like it belonged to another creation. The only vestige of the iris was in the form of a big green leaf plastered on the cat lady's back.

The winning team: RJ and Ian for melding plant and animal elements effectively and the cool effect of having a lizard revealed beneath the flower petals.

The winner: RJ for the concept and design of the plant animal.

The loser: Athena for her poor painting skills the judges felt hadn't been demonstrated in the last three challenges, which they felt were subpar.

My take: Beki and Sue's creation wasn't as bad as the judges deemed it to be despite the fuzzy spider texture and the bird of paradise leg appendages. Athena and Tara's model showing his underwear beneath the body paint was bad although the paint job wasn't horrid. I found Jerry's and Matt's cat lady the most lackluster of the group with just a big leaf attached to her back while she strutted in a bikini. Amazingly Jerry wasn't on the bottom of the challenge for once this week. Although the Jerry curse wasn't in effect (that anyone with Jerry gets voted off), Matt definitely has done better and could have done better without Jerry.

Next week's Face Off will feature old age makup and will air at 9 p.m. CST  Wednesday on SyFy.

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